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Cornell & Carr celebrates the tales of Beer Talk 

Beer Talk Single Cover - Cornell & Carr

Cornell & Carr celebrate those people who don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story when they’ve had a few refreshments, in their new single, Beer Talk.


Beer Talk is a universally relatable song because everyone has that mate who tends to stretch the truth a little when they drink,” Matt Cornell said.

Mike Carr said they based the new song on a friend he had from school, with inspiration from singer-songwriters including Brad Paisley and Toby Keith.


“I have a group of friends from school and one member of that group is unstoppable after a few drinks. The fish was a foot long, and by the end of the night it was Moby Dick,” Mike laughed.

“Matt and I have always loved the fun, tongue-in-cheek, observational songs from artists such as Toby Keith and Brad Paisley, but, on the flip side, these artists have also produced some of the most meaningful, heartfelt songs I’ve heard.”

Beer Talk, released on May 14, comes in the wake of What Kind Of World, a more serious song questioning how we’re leaving the world for future generations.

The single, released on January 1, was the first No. 1 country song on iTunes for 2021 and charted on all the major airplay charts.

“What Kind Of World was an expression of how bad things are... Beer Talk, on the other hand, shows how good things can be,” Mike said.


Beer Talk is not your typical drinking song.

“This is the funny side of when the real character of someone comes out and you sit there and look at them and whatever they say, it doesn’t matter; it’s perfectly acceptable if you are pissed, to bullshit,” Mike said.

“When we drink, we let our minds conjure up all these concepts in our lives that aren’t necessarily so. They say the truth comes out when people are drunk, but I believe the bullshit comes out.”

The duo continues to reveal more about themselves, musically and personally, with each new single.

“We want people to laugh, we want people to cry; we want to take people on a rollercoaster of emotions with songs that make you feel good, and songs that make you think,” Matt said.

“Cornell & Carr has been such a journey for us. The best part is we keep evolving the more we write songs and play shows together. Mike and I don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do have serious sides. We want the listener to get that we are good mates who are just trying to make people smile and put a bit of joy out into the world.”

Recorded with Matt Fell in the producer’s seat, they said they loved not only what Matt did as a producer, but also as a close friend.

The film clip continues the fun vibe, shot in Tamborine with Jay Seeney of Blacklist Productions behind the camera once again, with a party atmosphere in full swing in this next offering.

Catch Cornell & Carr playing at Country on Keppel July 17 and 18, and the Gympie Muster on Sunday, August 29 in the Crow Bar.

Beer Talk is available for pre-order from all digital retailers from April 30.


Ian 'Dicko" Dickson
Tricycle Artist Management
Media contact:
Bec Gracie, The Country Journo | 0427 232591

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